We may be staying home during the COVID-19 restrictions, but we can still go outside!

Every week, Rural Action will put out new outdoor activities for young people. They’ll give you choices to:

  1. Learn a little bit online
  2. Do an activity outside
  3. Attend a virtual ‘field trip’ on zoom
  4. Then share with other kids about what you did!

Our goal is to support kids, teachers, and families who are suddenly learning from home, by providing interesting, meaningful activities and community.

Do I need to live near the woods to do this?

No! Most activities are do-able in the average yard. Towns and cities often have amazing animals and plants right under your nose. Occasionally, we will tell you about cool places in Southeast Ohio, where your family can go to take the experience farther.

What is Rural Action?

Rural Action is a membership-based nonprofit working in the southeast and central eastern counties of Appalachian Ohio since 1991. Our mission is to build a more just economy by developing the region’s assets in environmentally, socially, and economically sustainable ways. Learn more about who we are and our programs.

Our Environmental Education program made this project. Usually, we spend the spring visiting classrooms, leading field trips, and running our “Birds in the Hills” festival. We hope a little of that outdoor magic can continue through this distance learning.

Is it okay to go hiking right now?

The Ohio stay-at-home order allows and encourages people to take walks and visit natural places. Just follow good practices of staying 6 feet away from others outside, and wearing masks if you’ll be near others.

For more information on going outside, see the National Recreation and Park Association’s statement on COVID-19.

What are some other ways you can help?

Our educators are also available for remote conversations and lessons with your classes or kids. We also love featuring young people here, or creating activities/interactions to meet your needs. Just email Darcy at darcy@ruralaction.org!

Is there any place to interact while we do these activities?

We encourage you to have conversations in the comment section. You also can join our facebook group, “Southeast Ohio Young Naturalists Club,” if you like Facebook. Let us know if there is another platform you’d be interested in using.