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Survival Skills Virtual Field Trip: This Friday!

This Friday, we’re taking another Zoom-based field trip. Join us for a crash course in survival skills!

Environmental educator Joe Brehm and Madison Donohue will teach us about some of the most basic survival skills like fire building, rope making, and even brewing wild tea. This event is for youth, adults, and families.

Friday, April 24th, 2020 at 1:30pm

Did you miss it? Watch the recording: (6 videos total)

You can also see the Facebook event.

Using a tinder bundle to coax a coal to life. This is part of starting fire with friction (i.e., rubbing sticks together).

We’ll explore these skills:
Starting and tending to a fire
Foraging for food
Using natural materials to create tools.

Stay tuned for some activities you can practice to prepare!

Have survival questions or something else you’d like to see in a field trip? Leave a comment!

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By Darcy Higgins

Environmental Education Program Manager, Rural Action

3 replies on “Survival Skills Virtual Field Trip: This Friday!”

Hello I work for a summer camp and I was wondering if you are doing any survivor skills zoom trips during the summer time

Hi Kaylee!

We don’t have any plans for the summer yet. However, we could potentially set up a zoom trip for specifically your campers. Email us and we can set something up!

Good afternoon!!

We have 2 groups of summer school students that will be working on an island survival project. Will you be having any field trips this summer?

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