Distance Learning Young Naturalists Club

Week 1 Round Up

Hello everyone! Today we are going to wrap up the week by sharing what YOU found in the Signs of Spring and iNaturalist lessons.

Then we’ll challenge you to take it further, and investigate dandelions! You’ll investigate when, where, and how many dandelions have popped up–using both your observations, and others’ observations.

This Week’s Finds

Distance Learning Young Naturalists Club

Observing with iNaturalist

Today, we’ll be showing you a way to take your nature observations a step further, by contributing them to a website used by scientists (and by nature-lovers like us!)

Using the app iNaturalist, you can share the cool things you find, and get help identifying what they are.  At Rural Action, we’ve been using iNaturalist to try to identify all we can in the Wayne National Forest. Because of it, we’ve found moths and a dragonfly that have never been recorded there before!

Who knows, maybe you’ll make a discovery yourself!

Distance Learning Young Naturalists Club

Signs of Spring!

The change from winter to spring is one of our favorite times of year! As nature lovers, we have missed seeing the plants and the critters moving around.

Tiny details can be a clue that spring is coming — even if it’s still cold!

Maple buds beginning to swell and open.
Tree buds swell (get bigger) in spring

, getting ready to send out leaves. Left: Closed red maple bud. Right: Swollen maple bud. Photo: USA-NPN
Distance Learning Young Naturalists Club

Week 1 of the Young Naturalists Club

Juni shared this unusual horsetail plant in “Signs of Spring.”

Finding cool things in nature, noticing details, wondering — these are some of the most important skills for becoming a neighborhood naturalist! 

This week
, we are going to practice making observations. We’ll need to use all 5 of our senses to notice as much as possible! We’ll even send some of our observations to scientists to add to their data. 

Here’s what to expect:
Monday: Signs of Spring
Wednesday: Observing with iNaturalist
Friday: Week 1 Round-Up (plus dandelions!)

Head on to one of those activities to get started!